Some paintings are sold, please contact me with the form for any question (title, technic, size, price)
"Ciel rose" Pigments on canvas 80x120cm (sold)
" qaqortoq II."Pigments on wood 80x120cm (sold)
"Abyss" Oil on canvas 21x60cm
Pigments on canvas
"Alamos" Oil on wood 56x68,5cm
"Bleus" Ink on paper (sold)
Oil on wood 80x120cm
"La grande candelle" Pigments on canvas (sold)
Pigments on cardboard (sold)
"Mostaganem" Pigments on cardboard (sold)
"rouge sur rouge rien ne bouge" Pigments on cardboard
Serrière" Pigments on cardboard (sold)
"Ciel orange" Pigments on wood 50x50cm
"Storm" Oil on canvas 100x100 cm (sold)
"elle arrive" Oil on cardboard (sold)
Pigments on wood 60x80cm
"Duo" Pigments on canvas 100x100cm (sold)
Tar and gesso on wood 40x60cm
"Icebertg rose" Triptych Pigments on wood 80x240 cm (sold)
"Ile" Pigments on cardboard (sold)
"Kamiks" Oil on canvas 30x30cm
"BI" Triptych Oil on canvas 300x100
"KI" Triptych Oil on canvas 300x100
"NI" Triptych Oil on canvas 300x100
"Maquis" Various technics 57,5x46,5cm
"Artic night" Acrylic on canvas 100x100cm
"Paulus hooks" Acrylic on canvas 91x133cm
Piments on wood 30x30cm (sold)
Various technics 40x40cm
"qaqortoq 1" Chalk and gesso on wood 60x80cm
"Rivage 2" Pigments on canvas (sold)
"Martian chronical" oil on canvas 21x60cm
"SKUA" various technics
"Tempête rose" Various technics
"Rivage 1" Pigments on canvas (sold)
"Twister" Pigments on canvas 30x30cm
"Lake placid" Tar and oil on canvas 90x90cm
"Bamblue" oil on canvas (sold)
"Vosges" oil on wood 24x30cm
"cassis" pigments on wood 33,5 x 94cm
"Odile" 40x60cm pigments on cardboard
"Taklamakan" Pigments & soft pastel on canvas 90 x 90 cm
"On m'a vu dans le Vercors" pigments on canvas 90x30cm
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